FTTH Series Outlets & Boxes / FH-TO Enclosure & TB-GPX FTTH Termination Box
FH-TO Enclosure
Tap-off enclosure for Mini-Breakout riser cable
FH-TO is an enclosure to cover the incision in the Mini-Breakout cable with 12 and 24 fibers. As Mini-Breakout cable allows to retract specific fiber from the cable at each floor, FH-TO provide a safety space for tapping off fibers from Mini-Breakout cable and protects the transition.
- Very compact size
- Capacity to tap off at least 8 fibers (4left/4right)
- Restores the integrity of Mini-Breakout cable after making an - incision for fiber access
- Mini-Breakout cable incision of only 55 mm
- Designed for indoor use
- Flame retardant LSZH material
- Front accessible

TB-GPX FTTH Termination Box

TB-GPX Termination Box is designed for use in residential and business applications for the termination of up to four fibers. The wall box enables the installation of either a single Blown Tube cable using up to a 4 fiber blown unit or two 2 fiber ruggedised cables to be spliced to four SC pigtails (PC or APC), which connect to adaptors at the base of the unit. The unit can be quickly installed within an office, house or communication room environment.
- Ergonomic design
- Ability to allow cables to enter from rear or bottom of the unit
- All fibers are positively managed to maintain a 30mm minimum bend radius
- Optional Removable rear entry cable management
- Flip tray to allow access to pigtails and cable entry
- Compact, low profile, wall mounted unit used for small and large business premises
- Removable cover for easy access
- Flame retardant LSZH material
- Patchcords exit unit on bottom face and are protected by two protection covers
- Standard color white. Other colors available on request
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