Dome Closures / DC-306-32SC Fiber Optic Dome Closure

- Max. for 36 SC simplex adaptors
- Max. for 32 drop cables
- Can hold 1x32, 1x16,1x8 etc. PLC splitter
- May be used for cut, uncut and taut sheath applications
- May be used for all fiber optic cable
- Sheath retention & central strength member fasten system included
- Ribbed closure construction and lightweight plastic provides strength and resistance to chemical and U.V attack
- Installation and re-entry with a minimum of tools
- Mechanical sealing way,re-enterable and reusable
- All hardware are included
- Closure can be flash tested
- Protection class: IP68
- RoHS compliance

- Watertight, Underground, Aerial, Vault and Wall Mountable
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